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Remedial Investigations at the Morristown Municipal Airport Air Traffic Control Tower

Morristown, New Jersey

BANC3 performed remedial investigation and remedial action work plan to investigate soil and groundwater to fulfill current NJDEP requirements in the location of the former 550-gallon gasoline underground storage tank (UST) historically used for the emergency generator at the Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) facility at 4 Airport Road in Hanover Township, Morris County, New Jersey for the Volpe National Transportation Systems Center / U.S. Department of Transportation) (Volpe Center). The Volpe Center managed this project for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The Site was located at an operating municipal airport with the area of investigation immediately surrounding the control tower. 

BANC3 conducted nine soil borings using geo-probe drilling equipment to collect soil samples in an attempt to horizontally and vertically delineate the VOC contamination at the area. VOC contaminants exceeded the NJDEP's Impact Groundwater (IGW) standards at all six boring test locations. To investigate the groundwater at several locations in attempt to delineate the extent of VOCs, nine temporary wells and three monitoring wells were installed. VOC compounds exceeding the NJDEP's Groundwater Quality Standards (GWQS) were benzene and naphthalene, and tentatively identified compounds. All wells were served to determine the groundwater flow beneath the site. After completion of the noted field activities, BANC3 prepared and submitted the report to the NJDEP. The report included field activities (hydrogeological conditions and subsurface soils), data analyses, ecological evaluation, and remedial recommendations. 

 The remedial investigation and remedial action work plan submittal was due in January 2010, BANC3 was authorized by USDOT/FAA to proceed the investigation in October 2009. BANC3 performed the necessary fieldwork and submitted the report timely to avoid NJDEP enforcement penalties in spite of the constraining schedule due to weather/snow and holiday season.