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Construction Management for the Federal Highway Administration, Western Federal Lands Highway Division

Various Locations, Northwestern United States 

The Federal Lands Highway (FLH) Program administers public roads on land that does not fall under the purview of state or local government, which constitutes approximately 30% of land in the United States. Working in cooperation with federal land management agencies, the FLH plans, designs, constructs, and rehabilitates highways and bridges on these federally owned lands. 

As part of an ongoing highway improvement program in the Western Federal Lands Highway Division's (WFLHD) jurisdiction, the US Department of Transportation required the professional technical support services of an experienced highway, bridge and culvert construction management firm. BANC3 was selected for a 5-year ID/IQ contract by the United Stated Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Western Federal Highway Lands Division for Construction Management Services in the states of Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho. Under this contract, BANC3 is providing project management, construction inspection, clerical, field office facilities, vehicles and equipment required to complete assigned projects. Over 35 Task Orders valued in excess of $5,000,000 have been awarded to BANC3. We provided project managers, construction inspectors, and clerical personnel required for the management and oversight of road reconstruction culvert replacement, retaining walls, bridge repair and replacement, and repaving projects.

BANC3's on-site construction managers, inspectors and clerical personnel provided invaluable technical and management assistance to the Western Federal Lands Highway Division on priority construction projects in Oregon, Alaska, Montana, Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho; many of them in remote locations and having very constricted construction seasons. BANC3 also provided office space, vehicles and equipment including radio, phone, computers and internet connectivity at these sites. These projects required skilled and knowledgeable construction managers and inspectors in many phases of highway and bridge construction including asphalt pavement, bridge construction, construction staking, construction traffic control, drainage structures, erosion control, highway earthwork, highway materials testing, pavement striping, post tensioned concrete construction, recycled asphalt construction and structural concrete and steel construction. Personnel are typically required within 2-3 weeks of NTP including security clearances, field equipment as well as vehicles, office space and communications equipment where required. Sites have been as remote as islands in Alaska accessible only by boat with typically 20-25 personnel working 10-15 sites concurrently throughout the 6 states.