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Ben Franklin Bridge Bicycle & Pedestrian Ramp

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Delaware River Port Authority wanted to make improvements to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge South Walkway Bicycle and Pedestrian Ramp Construction. The $7.9 million project will improve accessibility to the south 1.5-mile walkway of the bridge by replacing the existing stairway with a ramp. During construction, bicycle and pedestrian traffic will be diverted to the bridge's north walkway. 

Currently, the south side walkway in Camden is only accessible via a 25-foot-high stairway, making it challenging to individuals who are physically disabled or impaired. Also, bicyclists have no choice but to carry or push their bicycles up or down using steel plates on the edge of the stairway. 

BANC3 is providing construction monitoring services on the project. We are providing on-site personnel and the necessary office support to coordinate and monitor the overall project construction in compliance with the contract documents, As part of our scope of services, we are providing assistance with Project Controls, Progress Reports, Cost Controls, Change Orders, RFI's. Shop Drawings and Submittals, Progress Payments, Project Records, and the Final Inspection, Completion and Certification.

The new ramp is expected to be completed in the spring of 2019.