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Roadway/Bike Path Design on Estates Boulevard

Hamilton Township, New Jersey

Estates Boulevard in Hamilton Township was disconnected by a missing a section of roadway approximately 1,300 feet in length. As part of its Master Plan, Hamilton Township asked BANC3 to provide a design for the reconstruction of the road. The existing pedestrian sidewalk also needed to be expanded in order to connect it to the adjoining Reynolds Middle School. 

Our responsibilities on the project included land surveying, construction base mapping, road profiles, grading, drainage improvements, signage, striping, traffic controls, construction plans, construction details, and construction specifications. We also prepared the design for bicycle lanes, sidewalks, curb replacement, grading plans for intersecting streets, property and access impacts. 

The road alignment, the grading, and the design and placement of storm drainage and rip rap aprons was designed so as to avoid disturbance with wetlands, as well as limiting peak runoff volumes entering any delineated wetland area from exceeding levels which would be detrimental to the wetlands.