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Topographic Surveying for the Variable Message Sign (VMS) Location Study for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority

Various Locations, New Jersey

For this project, BANC3 provided the roadway topographic surveys for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority along portions of the New Jersey Turnpike (I-95) and the Garden State Parkway. BANC3 established horizontal and vertical control using GPS at locations across the roadway via reflectorless total stations. This method allowed the surveys to be performed without the necessity of lane closures and disruption of traffic flow. Site specific surveys were performed at 34 different mileposts. Survey limits were along the north or south bound lanes from the right-of-way to the median jersey barrier or inside shoulder. BANC3 developed roadway base maps of all lane lines, signs, utilities, features, nearest electric power source, and DTM files for the study of the new Variable Message Sign (VMS) locations.