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Surveying Services for the Open Road Tolling (ORT) Design for the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission

Phillipsburg, New Jersey & Easton, Pennsylvania

BANC3 provided surveying services from the Pennsylvania side of the Easton-Phillipsburg Bridge crossing the Delaware River to 500 feet west of the bridge crossing Morgan Hill Road. We established horizontal and vertical control throughout the project corridor utilizing GPS. Photo control points were set for overall aerial mapping 300 feet left and right of the project limits and additional points were set along the roadway shoulder at 300 feet intervals for low level helicopter aerial mapping whereby traffic and safety prohibited cost effective locations by conventional methods. Additional topographic surveys and utility locations were performed within and around the service plaza, existing toll facility and bridge crossings. Right-of-Way and Easement surveys were also performed along the project corridor to determine areas of impact from design changes.