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Remedial Investigation and Design at the Highland Insurance Building

Matawan, New Jersey

During an attempt to remove an underground storage tank (UST) from the property of a privately-owned business, a contractor encountered a heating oil spillage. BANC3 was contracted to perform site and remedial investigations to delineate the extent of groundwater and soil contamination. We installed monitoring wells to determine the extent of groundwater contamination caused by the discharge from the tank and the direction of oil flow beneath the site. Contaminated soil was removed from the site by the UST contractor, now working under BANC3's direction, and destroyed at a thermal treatment facility. All BANC3's investigations were performed in accordance with NJDEP Technical Requirements for Site Remediation (NJAC 7:26E).

BANC3 also submitted remedial action designs and work plans recommending the use of Enhanced Fluid Recovery (EFR). This groundwater remediation system pumps out and collects groundwater for disposal and pumping continues until the water is clear. Our subcontractor performed EFR operations and removed the contaminated groundwater. To confirm the remediation was successful, we conducted multiple sampling tests through our monitoring wells, and presented our data to the NJDEP. Satisfied with the results, the agency issued A No Further Action letter for the site.