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Construction Management for M.E.P. Improvements, Roof Replacement & Installation of Photovoltaic Solar System at the Joseph P. Addabbo Federal Building

Jamaica, New York 

BANC3 provided project management and construction management services on two projects for the 12-story, 880,000 SF Joseph P. Addabbo Federal Office Building.

The first project was for mechanical, electrical and energy improvements and included the following energy conservation measures and improvements: installation of lighting occupancy sensors and lighting zone controls, replacement of motors with premium efficiency motors, removal of existing boilers and installation of high-efficiency condensing boilers, installation of variable frequency drives on hot water pumps, installation of hot water risers for reheat coils, rebalancing of perimeter hot water risers, installation of hot water reheat in tower basin and the installation of advanced metering.

The second project was for a roof membrane replacement, including the installation of an integrated thin film photovoltaic solar energy system. BANC3 was responsible for construction management throughout the project execution, including scheduling and conducting design review meetings, review of design submissions and preparation of written comments, tracking of design review inputs through to final design, recommendations for quality improvements within budget, identification of cost of energy reducing initiatives and identifying missing work, conflicts, ambiguities and discrepancies in submissions, and preparation of minutes for all meetings.