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Construction Inspection Services for the Reconstruction & New Culvert for Woodside Road

Robbinsville Township, New Jersey

BANC3 provided technical services inspection and construction management for the installation of a new culvert and reconstruction of Woodside Road. We ensured that this construction conformed to the plans and specifications and all current construction standards. This improvement included a new culvert, milling, traffic control, re-profiling the road sub-base, installing new base course, top course, striping and signage. Paving was accomplished using the Road-Mixed Stabilization sustainable approach to meet the requirements of Robbinsville Township to utilize sustainable paving practices. Prior to the start of work, BANC3 attended the pre-construction meeting and reviewed the scope of work, construction schedule, and any particulars of this road improvement. The inspection elements included but were not limited to, traffic control, soil erosion, new culvert construction, milling, grading, paving, past complaints, storm drainage repairs, traffic striping, signage, and other improvements specific to this roadway.