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Civil Engineering Support Services & Land Surveying for the New Cadet Barracks at the U.S. Military Academy

West Point, New York

A new 325-room, 288,000SF Cadet Barracks is being built at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York.
BANC3 was tasked with providing critical civil and traffic engineering services as well as logistical planning for equipment and material access to the site. The access to the site required widening of an existing narrow road to the site by removal of rock from the hill on the south side of the road, and designing the road to accommodate up to 70 rock loads per day.  No direct route was available to this access road and turns required on existing roads were not feasible for construction equipment and rock hauling/material delivery vehicles. BANC3 developed a solution to this challenge by designing a "Cut Through" road from Stony Lonesome Road down a moderately steep slope to the access road thereby eliminating prohibitive turns. Once the direct access to the site was designed, BANC3 began the effort of developing the rock hauling routes to off post and the haul routes from designated Equipment and Material Staging Areas to the site.

BANC3's significant military installation experience was invaluable to the design team in generating solutions to project challenges that were directly BANC's responsibility and many that were the responsibility of other teammates. BANC3's concept of the "Cut Through" to create a feasible entry to the project access road was quickly approved by West Point and implemented into the design as the center piece for the logistical solution to access the site safely with minimal impacts to the Cadet Chapel visitors, Cadet pedestrian traffic and normal Academy vehicular traffic.

Despite a later start to the project design than its Prime Contractor teammates, BANC3 was able to meet all design schedules, coordinate and revise quickly Academy driven changes to staging areas and haul routes and make invaluable contributions to the Logistics Plan requested by the US Military Academy Superintendent. BANC3 developed, obtained approval and designed well thought out solutions to project challenges that will contribute significantly to meeting project construction cost and schedule goals.