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Medium Temperature Hot Water Line Replacement at the Federal Correctional Institution, Otisville

Otisville, New York

The Federal Correctional Institution located in Otisville, Orange County, New York was experiencing frequent breaks in the supply and return of their Medium Temperature Hot Water (MTHW) line. To address this problem, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) opted to replace the existing MTHW line by removing the existing pipes and replacing them with insulated steel pipe with PVC jacket. The existing MTHW line consists of Reinforced Fiber-Glass (RFG) pipes of various diameters ranging from 2" to 8" inches. The MTHW line provides for the entire correctional facility's heating needs by supplying heated water from the boilers housed in the power plant building, located outside the secured area. The MTHW line from the power plant building services the garage, storage building, and Witsec. Building, all located outside of the secured area. Inside of the secured area of the institution, the MTHW line provides services for eight individual cell block buildings, a common building for institutional and group activities, a hospital, and an administrative building. The original RFG MTHW line was replaced with the existing RFG MTHW line. The original pipe was abandoned in place. 

BANC3 prepared contract documents, which consisted of technical specifications and plans for bid, in order to eliminate the continued problem of frequent breaks in their MTHW line and to enhance the system by replacing the appurtenances. To minimize cost, the replacement line was proposed to be installed in the same location as the existing supply and return MTHW line. The construction schedule was planned to complete the work in one heating season from April to October without discontinuation of domestic service except for scheduled temporary tie-ins to the existing system. environmental assessment services. 

The total estimated length of supply and return pipe to be replaced was 13,000 LF, with an estimated 18 tie-ins. In order to maintain domestic water service at all times, four temporary boilers will be required. A 42 inch diameter steel pipe of length 55 LF is required to be jacked under the perimeter secured fencing to cross from the unsecured area to the secured area of the correction facility.