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BANC3 Engineering has made the bold move to re-focus its efforts solely on the creation and delivery of technological solutions for the A/E/C industry. The opportunity for making significant improvements in the industry by leveraging, and enhancing, our hardware and software solutions cannot be understated. Below, a few of the benefits of the innovative hardware and software are briefly discussed. BANC3 Engineering hopes that each of our clients and friends will celebrate with us in our bold, new direction. 

Innovative Design - Architecture and engineering design teams can create initial building concepts, plans, and make responsive changes in real time when equipped with our AR Smart Glasses, software, and applications. Designers can visualize computer generated presentations, plans, and renderings prior to completion, saving time and money. 

Improved Collaboration – Our technological solutions are engineered for remote collaboration. Our AR headsets come with a robust 'see-what-I-see' platform that provides architects, engineers, and other design professionals with the ability to collaborate with contractors, builders, and construction managers in real-time, anywhere in the world. 

Versatile BIM - With augmented reality technology, designers can reference building information models to view digital characteristics of an ongoing project. Furthermore, design teams can follow simplified design flows for complex creations, conduct routine design improvements, and reference critical design changes in real time. 

Since 2000, BANC3 Engineering has been meeting the needs of diverse clients while successfully delivering a wide range of challenging public and private projects through innovative solutions. We take pride in our clients' success. BANC3 Engineering has the experience to offer proven solutions to the most complex issues. We approach each opportunity with an open mind to evaluate every alternative so our clients efficiently and effectively achieve their goals.