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Lindenwold, New Jersey

BANC3 was involved in two phases of services at the PATCO Shop Annex Building for the Delaware River Port Authority. Phase I consisted of surveying services and utility investigation. Phase II consisted of construction inspection services. 

For Phase I, the purpose of the surveying was to determine the dimensions and elevations of existing conditions within the design area. Visible high and low points were measured, as well as, utilities, structures, drains and any visible feature that determined the condition, nature, dimensions, elevations, grades and locations of all necessary, existing natural and physical features and facilities within the limits of the proposed work. Additionally, BANC3 also prepared a utility investigation analysis report identifying the locations of utilities existing on the site, and evaluating the capacity of the existing utility infrastructure to support the proposed shop annex building project. The report consisted of a utility inventory and evaluation, including sewer and storm sewer systems, potable water, electric power, natural gas, telephone service, cable television, and communication lines, noting the age, size and condition of said utilities. 

For Phase II of the project, BANC3 performed construction inspection services. The work to be completed under this design-build contract consists of the construction of the Shop Annex Building, construction of an inspection pit, track, high level platform, storage, and rooms for building support, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, and equipment installation inside the annex building. The work also consists of associated site improvements including underground/above ground utility installations, paving, drainage, and lighting.