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Crystal Lake Park

Mansfield Township, New Jersey

BANC3 was responsible for the preparation of civil engineering design plans, calculations and technical specifications for this passive recreational County Park project. The park was designed to provide a variety of trails for pedestrians, both on foot and on horseback. To accommodate the intended use of the park, new parking areas needed to be designed for passenger vehicles as well as those pulling horse trailers. BANC3 also designed an onsite sewerage disposal system to provide sanitary facilities for the new restroom facility that was designed by the project architect.

The parking areas were designed to provide 74 passenger vehicle parking spaces and 8 parking spaces for vehicles pulling horse trailers. The parking areas were connected to existing internal driveways that were also widened and improved as part of this project. One of the parking areas has access directly from Route 130 which required a New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) access permit. BANC3 prepared the necessary applications and plans as required to secure this access permit. 

The new restroom facility required an onsite sewerage disposal system. Based upon the onsite soils, BANC3 designed a mounded soil replacement system to handle 1,995 gallons of sewerage per day. The disposal bed needed to be located upslope of the restroom building, therefore BANC3 design a duplex pump dosing system to deliver the sewerage from the building to the distribution box in the disposal bed. The system utilizes gravity dosing beyond the distribution box. A unique feature of this design was the inclusion of a diverter valve to allow the County to isolate the disposal bed into 3 separate sections. The system was oversized so that the County could "rest" one third of the system and still maintain the required disposal bed area. The system was designed in accordance with NJAC 7:9A and was permitted by the Burlington County Health Department. 

BANC3 also prepared plans and engineering reports for submission to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for Freshwater Wetlands General Permit 17, Flood Hazard Area Verification and an Individual Permit for the construction of elevated boardwalks. Applications and plans were also prepared for submission to the Burlington County Soil Conservation District.