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Williams Lane Culvert

Hamilton Township, New Jersey

BANC3 Engineering received notice from Hamilton Township that conditions at the collapsed twin culverts under Williams Lane along Pond Run had elevated to an "emergency" situation. The recent heavy rains, saturated soils, and upstream discharge of the Veterans Park Dam had caused localized flooding of roadways and nearby properties. BANC3 assisted the Township with obtaining an "Emergency Authorization" from NJDEP to install temporary pipes near the collapsed twin culverts until submission could be made to obtain a Flood Hazard Area Individual Permit for the replacement culverts. 

In anticipation of a much needed meeting with NJDEP to permit a new culvert structure within Pond Run, BANC3 performed and Existing Condition Survey showing the location of the collapsed culverts, the placement of temporary relief pipes, and the extent of flooding in the immediate area. BANC3 and the Township reviewed all options with NJDEP on the quickest and most effective culvert replacement structure. It was decided and agreed that twin 42-inch RCP, with Headwalls, and Wing-walls would be needed. 

BANC3 simultaneously worked on the Design Plans and Specifications in addition to the NJDEP Permit Application, Reports, and related submission requirements. The approved Design Plans included an Existing Condition Plan, Demolition Plan, Site Construction Plan, Plan, Profile, and Section Views of the Re-enforced Concrete Culvert and Structure, and a Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Plan. BANC3 successfully obtained NJDEP Permit. 

BANC3 prepared all portions of the Bidding Documents, Technical Specifications, and Engineer's Cost Opinion. BANC3 reached out to known RCP culvert plants to ensure that they were aware of the project. The Township received eight Bids and was able award to a local Contractor at a price just below BANC3's Cost Estimate. 

BANC3 provided timely Bid Review and is currently providing the Township with Construction Services such as Pre-Construction Meetings, Submittal Reviews, and timely guidance to ensure compliance with Design Plans, Specifications and NJDEP Permit. 

BANC3 provided timely documentation to obtain the original "Emergency Authorization" from NJDEP and provided guidance to the Township throughout the NJDEP Permitting Process to ensure that a Permit was obtained, Bids were secured, and the replacement of the collapsed culverts could begin before the next anticipated Spring thaw takes place and the risk of localized flooding returns to this part of the Township.