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Sioux Lake Dam

Medford Township, New Jersey

Sioux Lake is located immediately upstream of Migazee Lake in the Borough of Medford Lakes, Burlington County on an unnamed tributary of Haynes Creek. The dam and lake are owned by the Medford Lakes Colony, as defined in their Shared Services Agreement with Burlington County. The Medford Lakes Colony is the sole Owner of the dam while Burlington County has maintenance jurisdiction of Tuckerton Road (C.R. 620). 

The dam is an earthen embankment with Tuckerton Road (C.R. 620) at its crest; approximately 100 ft. length, 32 ft. roadway width, & 12 ft. height. The primary spillway is a concrete drop-box, approximately 20 ft. of weir length and 8 ft. height. Water flows over the flashboard spillway, into the drop box, and is routed through the embankment and discharges directly into Migazee Lake. The dam impounds Sioux Lake and has a normal surface area of approximately 1.6 acres and a normal storage volume of approximately 7.2 ac-ft. Sioux Lake Dam has been classified as a Class II Significant Hazard dam by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Dam Safety Section (Dam Safety) with a reduced spillway design storm to the 100-yr storm. 

This project involves the replacement of County Culvert located on C.R. 620 (Tuckerton Road) at Sioux Lake in Medford Lakes Borough, Burlington County, New Jersey. The existing culvert is a 24" corrugated metal pipe connected to a concrete spillway (control structure) with wooden weir boards. The spillway structure is not owned or operated by Burlington County. BANC3 designed the replacement of the existing culvert with a 48-inch ductile iron pipe and that the new pipe will be connected to a new spillway structure. The roadway embankment on the northerly (downstream) side of the roadway will be widened to accommodate a future 5' wide shoulder and sidewalk across the stream and wetlands areas. The existing roadway width is not being widened as part of this project. This project also involved the replacement of the culvert from Sioux Lake Dam that crosses Tuckerton Road (CR 620) and also the upstream dam spillway box and downstream headwall and scour protection improvements. BANC3's responsibilities included, dam design, hydrologic & hydraulic evaluation, Operation & Maintenance Manual updates, Emergency Action Plan updates, and construction observation services. BANC3 prepared the Dam Construction Permit, Construction Notification, and Completion Report in accordance with NJDEP Dam Safety requirements. 

During the permitting and design phase a sink hole developed along the road which required an emergency repair. The design was adjusted to replace the section of pipe in the roadway and two double Type 'B' Inlets were placed on opposite sides of the road. To address this emergency, quick action had to be taken by the Engineer, Burlington County and the dam owner, Medford Lake Colony.