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Kenilworth #2 (Flamingo Lake) Dam

Evesham Township, New Jersey

Flamingo Lake Dam, aka Upper Kenilworth Lake Dam #2, DSS File #31-210 is the sixth in a series of dams located on an unnamed tributary feeding the Barton Run Creek in the Township of Evesham, Block 50, Lot 13, Burlington County, New Jersey. The dam is directly accessible from Flamingo Drive which is a gravel road with access from Kenilworth Road and Battery Hill Drive. The dam was damaged during the storm of July 12, 2004. Emergency repairs followed which were completed January 2005. Flamingo Lake Dam is an earth filled embankment, approximately 350 feet in length and about 15 feet wide at the top of the embankment. A mostly gravel road with partial pavement, Flamingo Drive, is along the entire crest of the embankment. 

Approximately 47.18 acre-feet of storage are available at maximum capacity of Flamingo Lake. The height of the dam from the invert of the discharge pipe to the top of the roadway is about 9.5 ft. The discharge pipes are partially submerged (approx. 3' submerged) with lower Kenilworth Lake Dam #1 back into service. 

BANC3's responsibilities include: dam design, hydrologic & hydraulic evaluation, Operation & Maintenance Manual updates, Emergency Action Plan updates, and construction observation services. BANC3 secured permitting through NJDEP Dam Safety, the New Jersey Pinelands, the Burlington County Soil Conservation District and NJDEP for Freshwater Wetlands Disturbances. BANC3 will also be preparing the Dam Construction Permit, Construction Notification, and Completion Report in accordance with NJDEP Dam Safety requirements. 

The existing engineered breach consists of twin 48" HDPE pipes through the embankment. These were designed and installed so that they could be utilized in a future design. The proposed outfall structure is a 10'x14' concrete box that will be cast around the existing pipes. The concrete box will have a trash rack and sluice gate for a lake-lowering device. A steel walkway will be provided to allow access to the sluice gate and access hatch. 

The auxiliary spillway is proposed to be removed from service due to its poor condition. The culvert and downstream retaining walls will be removed and replaced with a concrete roadway over the crest and an articulated concrete block protected slope. This new 100-foot-wide auxiliary spillway will direct flows greater than the 100-year design storm into the improved spillway channel which will then direct the flows into the downstream lake.