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Donahue Road and Krams Trail

Bridgewater Township, New Jersey

BANC3 was responsible for both engineering design and construction administration services for the Donahue Road and Krams Trail Road Improvement Project located in the Township of Bridgewater, New Jersey. The intent of the project was to address all pavement failures, widen roadway widths for uniformity at non curbed locations less than 22 feet, provide new ADA compliant sidewalks and crosswalk locations, resurface top course and replace defective base course areas, and provide drainage system improvements to eliminate ponding and uncontrolled runoff onto offsite properties. Our project scope for this site included 3600 feet of combined roadway improvements. 

Upon Notice to Proceed, BANC3 surveyors performed field survey tasks including establishing project control, one-foot contour topographic survey of the roadways and all features within right of way to produce project basemapping including pavement limits, curb, sidewalks, driveways, signage, sidewalks, ADA compliance, above-ground utilities and subsurface sanitary/drainage invert elevations. Our design then widened areas necessary to achieve 22 feet widths, provide uniform cross slopes (2%-3%), and provide grass swales along the non-curbed areas to control stormwater runoff. The roadways were assessed for anticipated base repairs which appeared to be significant based upon visual inspections of the roadway surfaces. 

Stormwater inlet headers, grates and castings were upgraded to comply with bicycle safety and the most recent NJDEP stormwater standards. BANC3 assessed the existing drainage patterns and performed hydraulic drainage calculations of the roadway drainage systems resulting in 6 new inlet structures, 550 feet of piping and grassed swales along the roadway shoulders. An assessment was also made of the condition of all exiting inlets and manholes to determine if repairs or replacement were required.

BANC3 provided the plans, specifications and cost estimate as deliverables to the Township for review and approval. We then assisted the Township through the bidding period including preparing bid document sets, reviewing contract bids and recommending the awarded contractor. BANC3 provided inspection throughout construction, including shop drawing reviews, daily inspection reports and photographic documentation through project close out. 

The value of BANC3's engineering design, effective contractor supervision and proactive coordination with the Township and permitting agencies enabled both the Donahue Road and Krams Trail improvements to be performed on schedule and under budget without any additional change orders from the contractor.