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Burlington-Bristol Bridge, Deck Truss and Approach Span Enhancement

Burlington, New Jersey & Bristol, Pennsylvania

The existing paint system of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge had broken down and was in poor condition. BANC3 was hired by the Burlington County Bridge Commission to design the elements required to fulfill the painting of Deck Truss Spans and the Viaduct/Approach Spans. 

BANC3 first performed an engineering review of all available design, construction, and repair drawings and previous inspection reports of the Deck Truss Spans and the Viaduct/Approach Spans. We then conducted comprehensive field surveys of the paint system of the bridge Deck Truss Spans and the Viaduct/Approach Spans.

BANC3 provided the Commission with designs on method of thorough and proper surface preparation and high performance paints and coatings for painting Viaduct/Approach Spans that were acceptable to the Commission. Once approved, we prepared the required painting specifications for the commission's use in advertising a painting contract for the Deck Truss and Viaduct/Approach Spans.