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2019 Media

August 19, 2019 

After 20 years within the architecture/engineering/construction industry as a Director of Marketing, Brian Duke has joined BANC3 Engineering. He combines deep industry knowledge with proven successful delivery to enhance and evolve brands through detailed analysis and a hands-on approach. Brian will use his expertise to launch the BANC3 Engineering brand into its next growth strategy.

January 30, 2019 

BANC3 Engineering was selected by the Mercer County Park Commission to provide a boundary and topographic survey of Dam Site 21. We will be surveying over 370 acres of the property, which is located within the Townships of Hamilton, Robbinsville, and West Windsor. Our survey will determine the overall property boundaries and topography of the site. We will also be providing and existing conditions survey and base map of the area, which will then be incorporated into the final master plan. 

January 18, 2019 

BANC3 was a proud exhibitor at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) 98th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. from January 13-17. BANC3 was exhibiting the next generation of our AR Smart Glasses. Please click on the following link for a 2-minute video, showing the benefits that the AR Smart Glasses bring to the engineering/construction industry: Click to view video 

January 17, 2019 

BANC3 was selected by the City of Trenton to provide the engineering design and construction observation for the reconstruction of West State Street between Calhoun Street and Prospect Street. As this project is being funded by an allotment from the NJDOT Municipal Aid Program, BANC3 will be administering the project in accordance with the NJDOT Trust Fund's rules and regulations. 

January 15, 2019 

BANC3 has been selected by the Township of Lawrence to provide inspection services for development and capital projects for 2019. This will be our third consecutive year providing these services to the Township. To date, we have provided oversight on over 60 individual projects, including roadway improvement projects, commercial buildings, retail buildings, hotels, parks, golf courses and residential homes. 

January 2, 2019 

BANC3 was selected by the Burlington County Bridge Commission to provide on-call engineering services for the Commission's capital improvements and maintenance projects. BANC3 will be providing the Commission with various tasks, which will include: performing engineering reviews, conducting a field surveys, preparing preliminary and final engineering design, final as-built drawings and bid documents packages, as well as providing full-time construction management and inspection services.