Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The opportunity for making significant improvements in the industry by leveraging, and enhancing, our hardware and software solutions cannot be understated. BANC3 Engineering is pleased to introduce the X2 AR/AI Smart Glasses.  A new and innovative tool to help achieve unprecedented efficiencies for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms. 

The Immersive Design and Construction Experience

Innovative Design - Architecture and engineering design teams can create initial building concepts, plans, and make responsive changes in real time when equipped with our AR Smart Glasses, software, and applications. Designers can visualize computer generated presentations, plans, and renderings prior to completion, saving time and money.

Improved Collaboration - Our technological solutions are engineered for remote collaboration. Our AR headsets come with a robust 'see-what-I-see' platform that provides architects, engineers, and other design professionals with the ability to collaborate with contractors, builders, and construction managers in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Versatile BIM - With augmented reality technology, designers can reference building information models to view digital characteristics of an ongoing project. Furthermore, design teams can follow simplified design flows for complex creations, conduct routine design improvements, and reference critical design changes in real time.

This product comes complete and ready to use right out of the box with integrated hardware and software. 

Site surveys and inspections often stretch engineering and construction personnel resources to the breaking point, especially in areas where job sites are separated by large distances. BANC3 offers a totally integrated hardware/software enterprise and Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that allows a construction manager to visit all of their sites in a single-day without leaving their office. Anyone on-site wearing our AR/AI headset and running the AR/AI construction app can connect to the construction manager and then do a walk-through of the site, sharing the first-person point of view video with the construction manager.

Also, Microstation and AutoCAD drawings can be projected into the field of view to allow accurate comparison between design and as-built drawings. The hands-free/heads-up orientation of our AR/AI solution promotes safety on the job site.

Additional benefits of the X2 Smart Glasses include: 

Real-Time Remote Expert Help: On-site engineers/construction inspectors wearing our X2 Glasses with point of view software can consult in real-time with remote experts. Multiple parties can join the session, including screen-shots of the video with annotation and digital AR/MR feed. This reduces cost by allowing more efficient use of resources, eliminating unnecessary travel and increasing transparency with all stakeholders. 

View Design Images (3D) Before Construction Starts: Using X2 Glasses, AutoCAD and MicroStation drawing images can be superimposed onto a field of view to allow accurate projections of the design onto the existing conditions. This allows all the decision makers to "see" the design detail and to make changes, if necessary, long before the design is finalized or the construction has started. 

Generate Instant CAD Drawings: The glasses allow the user to actively perform targeted field measurements with pinpoint accuracy and then upload the data to generate AutoCAD drawings instantly. 

Training: The glasses allow access to up-to-date online documentation (checklists and work manuals) that can be viewed on the headset, while keeping the hands-free, and can be easily adapted to training applications. 

Risk Mitigation/Legal Protection: All session data is recorded and archived on the cloud. In this way, if there is any claim down the road, the info can be easily retrieved for future reference.