Environmental Impact Statement for the VA Illiana Health Care System

Danville, Illinois

BANC3 was authorized by the Veterans Administration (VA) Illiana Health Care System to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Site Assessment. Danville Community College, the VA's lessee, had proposed the construction of a 144-unit student housing facility and parking for the facility. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the potential environmental concerns on approximately six acres of the 220 acre property. Our recommendations on the anticipated environmental impact encompassed land use, groundwater, surface and potable water, air quality, wildlife habitat, social and economic effects on the community, noise, solid and other waste, cultural activities, aesthetics of the project area, archaeological and historic sites, drainage, erosion, and traffic. In addition, our report detailed long-term environmental effects, evaluation of unavoidable impacts, mitigating adverse environmental impacts, and alternatives to the proposed improvements.