Land Surveying

BANC3 Engineering provides highly skilled, fully equipped professionals that provide methodical surveying services to our clients who request a wide range of surveying and mapping projects. 

Land surveying is an essential step in any project. Field measurements serve to identify topographic features and determine distance, size, and elevation. All these variables are used to create accurate maps that support engineering plans and designs as well as prepare construction layouts. 

A solid design relies on a complete and accurate survey of the site. It is the basis upon which engineering, architectural and construction plans and details are developed. Land surveying is the keystone that binds elements together into the development of the natural and built environment.  

Key Services Provided:

  • Topographic

  • Boundary 


  • As-Builts 

  • Construction Layout 

  • Right-of-Way Plans

  • Foundation

  • Wetlands Delineation Mapping

  • Survey Title Work

  • Property Monumentation & Acquisitions